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Goose Bumps : What's Your Bird Story?Flying Lucy

Nick and I have connected with so many people with similar wild bird experiences. Like the Nelsons, a couple seeming to live a parallel universe to ours after they discovered an abandoned goose egg in a pot on their dock. After the other eggs hatched, 'Gozzie' was left behind, so they tended to the little goose and within a couple of days he was doing well. Like us, attempts to find a wildlife rehabilitator were unsuccessful, so they raised him at their lake home.Gozzie Nelson in flight.
The Nelsons and others have shared their wonderful stories, and we would love to hear yours...and perhaps share it on the site to provide inspiration and courage to other temporary goose parents. Photo right: Gozzie Nelson takes flight!
Do you know what to do if you encounter a lone baby bird? Find out in our 'What to do...' document at the bottom of this page and on the About Us page. It's a free download. It's our intention to provide a growing knowledge base of resources and links to experts - and sharing similar stories is so important. Photos from the Muzik collection.
What's as soft as a baby goose?
Adorable plush goose toys! We've added a few cuddly goslings - some squeekable - perfect to include in a gift basket of Lucy items! They are so cute...like little Lucy. Who doesn't love a little goose!

Plush Canada Goose 5"
K & M

Wild Republic Cuddlekins Goose 12"
Wild Republic

Plush Wild Clingers Canada Goose 6"
K & M


Resources and Links

 Ponti D.V.M. Emergency Bird and Wildlife Vets - highly recommend WA & N. ID

  > American Heritage Wildlife Foundation - regional wildlife rehabbers with an awesome vision             

  > Love Canada Geese

   A top fav! Nice bookstore & lots of goose stories!

> Kootenai Environmental Alliance

> The Nature Conservancy

> The Audubon Society

> Carolina Waterfowl Rescue 


> Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary 

> Birds of Prey Northwest

> The Gooses Mother

> Idaho Wildlife Rescue

> Wildlife International - Rehab Orgs Worldwide

> John Muir Laws

Recommended Colleagues

> Joie Moring of Moring Design in Seattle

> Northwest Audio | Pete Jensen

> Michael Tomlinson | singer-songwriter


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Nick holding Lucy
Nick holding little Lucy on his lap. Carol Muzik

What to do with these legs? Carol Muzik

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