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Lucy was a gift.
Her presence in our lives shifted our focus and I now enjoy sharing the joy that she brought to us through my cards, books, film and storytellingTemporary Goose Parents, Carol and Nick sessions. Life changed immensely all because of a goose.  I have entered into a new period in life, one centered on creativity, connection, and consulting and it feels as though I will never look back. 
Because of our Lucy connection Nick and I have become the crazy neighbors that holler at Canada geese as they fly by in formation.  We are forever changed by geese and I look back and sometimes cannot believe that we raised a goose. It truly was one of the most awesome experiences of my life.  
We appreciate your interest in Raising Lucy and welcome your enthusiasm, and hearing from you. If you found a goose please find a good rehabber in your area.  I am not one to give advice on how to raise one when I know the damage that can be done.  Fortunately our outcome was positive, but we really worked at it and live in the perfect spot so we had things going for us. 
Submit a comment in the form below, or request info through an email link on the right. For the love of a goose, Nick and I, and my team thank you.
Carol Muzik

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Raising Lucy products have broad appeal — from our fun gift items, gorgeous greeting cards, award-winning video, and two children's books. We look forward to sharing Lucy's story with you and your customers and would be thrilled to see Raising Lucy products on your store shelves.

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Carol brings her story about life with Lucy to schools, libraries and organizations, like the 'CdA 4 Kids' program at Atlas Elementary, among others. Carol's presentations are multi-faceted - from a video presentation or slideshow, to reading sessions from her book, to sharing her photo album, to guiding groups in fun activities like the Lucy Coloring Contest that brought enthusiastic response from kids from near and far. Carol brings a great mix of entertainment, education and creativity to schools and classrooms. Contact Carol today about coming to your school.

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