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Raising Lucy About Us/Temporary Goose Parents

How it happened...webassets/Muzikfaceshot.jpg
The lake provides the inspiration for author/illustrator Carol Muzik. Her deep connection to nature and the animals and plants that live in it will find her quiet, with the T.V. off, listening to the birds and animals in the woods.
With camera in hand Carol documented the appearance of the beautiful orphaned gosling in her family’s life. Eventually, the telling of the story about Lucy began organically—that is, in a natural progression—from talking with friends, customers, and to increasingly larger groups through stories and pictures at her art gallery in Harrison. 
Visitors to the gallery told her that she should write a book about her life with the goose.  Wanting to take what she felt was good advice, she decided to first put her photographs into a short video, Raising Lucy-A True Story.  Her life-long friend Pete Jensen, owner of NW Audio, provided advice and expertise helping her produce the short film. 
Not too much later she was approached by local filmmaker, Chad Christensen who thought Lucy's story would be a good documentary film.  After months of production the documentary won nine film festival awards nationally including a Best Documentary award at the Charleston International Film Festival in 2009. 
During that same time, Carol drew, painted, and wrote.  She wanted to connect children to nature and art through Lucy's story and first published Raising Lucy Coloring Storybook and Video, which includes her short short film.  
In late 2009, she released the full-color hardcover Picture Book: Raising Lucy–The True Story of Raising an Orphaned Wild Goose and has now published the second edition which arrived in October 2011.  The book recently won a Mom's Choice Award for children's book in the Non-fiction category.
Now with her books and video in hand, Carol shares Lucy’s inspirational story in schools and libraries to appreciative audiences who are learning the importance of respecting animals in their true home. 
She consults with aspiring writers on how to share their stories in books.  She works as an editor, illustrator, and publishing consultant.  Carol is an Artist in Residence with the Idaho Commission on the Arts - see her artist's statement at their site, and is available with EWU's Get Lit! Author Tours to teach creative writing.
Carol is also the creator of The Art of Nature Summer Camp for kids.  The Art of Nature is in its 3rd year this year and held in the middle of July in Coeur d'Alene.  The camp, is a program of Kootenai Environmental Alliance and is our way of getting kids into nature to have fun, learn about nature, and let it inspire fantastic artwork.  "Like" us on Facebook
With a lot of knowledge gained in publishing, writing, along with her illustration skills, Carol now consults with others to help them publish their books.  See Waiting on a Miracle by Jim Noren, and Jack the Cat Burglar and His PURRty True Tale by Judy R. Waring.  


Temporary Goose Parents...
The Muzik FamilyCarol and her husband, Nick, both agree that raising Lucy was a great experience, but one not taken lightly. Because they could not find the help they requested and needed, they wanted to keep Lucy safe until then. They tell people in the same boat (so to speak) to do the right thing—take the animal to a rehabber.  It is exactly what they would do now.
The Muziks now give money to those experts, 'wildlife rehabbers', and tell others to NEVER take an animal out of the wild.
They know many well-intentioned people think an animal that’s left alone is orphaned, when that may not be true.
From their experience, Carol and Nick suggest you consult your Fish and Game department or other wildlife experts in your area before assuming an animal is orphaned.
Got A Goose? It's serious business....
If you find an orphaned animal or bird, what do you do? Browse our links to people and organizations dedicated to protecting wild animals and their habitat on our Resources & Links page.

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